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people might think this is beautiful but this gives me panic attacks irl

i felt real anxiety. real fear. how do i words? i walked along the beach at night. waters all rough and angry. it was dark and terrifying. scarier than any haunted house. my heart rate was through the roof. i actually thought i was in danger. i was close to hyperventilation. i never realized how freaky it was. maybe it was all in my head. but fuck it was scary. i was trying to take a photo of a crab in the sand and water just rushed up real quick to where i was and i screamed and jumped back. why does that even happen. maybe its because the water has been red flagged all week. maybe i’m scared of the unknown. looking out past the crazy waves and seeing nothing but darkness….


<3 RIP Genie  
Mental illness awareness

I was going to post something on this subject earlier this week because of what my mom said. But in light of today’s tragic loss,

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